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April 12


Ways to Develop Trust with Children

No doubt that parents put their whole life on stake to bring happiness to the lives of their kids. Parents arrange all the resources which can make their further life easy and good. They teach all manners and etiquettes to their children so that they can survive as respected people in the society. In schools’ kids are learning so many good things these days through online learning also. School management software is supporting management to induce all the necessary lessons for the students which can bring that level of knowledge and information to the students and kids which can lead them to a successful life. Institute ERP also tries to support students as well as school management software to maintain the level of learning among students easily in online learning. School management software also takes care that while surfing online for the matter regarding the projects given to the students, students may now get exposed to harmful content, this builds trust between LMS of school and students. In the same way parents have also to win the trust of their kids. It is so because although they are you kids they also get mad at you because unknowingly you also do some stupidity and you lose their trust. So, let’s talk about some ways for parents to develop trust with children. Trust is not something which can be built overnight, it can take several years to gain trust from someone but just a mistake and a second to shatter. When you trust more you worry less which brings happiness and calm more in life. Role of parents and their nurturing is huge in the life of children. Trust means having faith or positive belief in people and the world. When we say trust it means truthfulness, reliability, integrity and dedication in a person. So, the very first step of this process is to listen to the children carefully. Parents need to practice active listening with their children. Often parents get confused between hearing and listening whereas both are different from each other. Listening is to pay complete attention to what another person says and respond to satisfy him/her. For example, when you teach your child Maths and scolds him/her for not doing the homework, then the kid says, “I don’t want to talk to you”. Now that if you listen carefully your child doesn’t mean that he will never talk to you, he/she is just annoyed about your scolding, then you can coax him/her by pampering him.

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Parents need to watch their kids very deeply sometimes because they sometimes don’t elucidate their complaint verbally. they will show some expressions and will assume that you may understand them because they feel shy to speak. Sometimes kids cry continuously then without getting irritated you need to take them in lap and pamper them then ask lovingly what they want. Hugging them and taking them in lap gives them assurance of trust and bond which makes them share their issues with parents. Parents need to make eye contact when their child says something about his/her peers, school, tutors or about himself/herself which can make the child feel trustworthy to share his/her emotions. You need to respond to your kid’s query and statements as sensitively as possible so that they feel noticed and that they are also being given importance too. Make your child feel that you are always there whenever he or she needs you. This makes children trust you deeply.

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All of the above there is something which parents always take lightly about the children and that is keeping promises. Usually, parents make promises to the kids to get their homework done in time but never accomplish their promises which breaks their kid’s heart and he/she never trusts his/her parents again. Never commit this mistake, kids remember everything, if you make a promise then do complete it if the kid completes his/her part. Due to this you will gain that level of trust that if you ask your child, he or she will follow you without asking any question. So, winning the hearts of these little angels is not tough, parents just don’t pay enough attention to them.

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